Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello bloggatrons!

Wow what a great Christmas! The thought of getting back to real life is making me a little sad. Oh well it has to be done and maybe a detox will be good. It'll be a toughie though! My stomach has definitely expanded in size since Christmas Eve. And the weather didn't help in the excercise department...Yes, yes that's a good excuse.

Anyway I think a small fashion post is in order to brighten up the post xmas blues.

Photogragher Koray Birand shoots Missy Rayder in the almost nude photoshoot for Elle Turkey. Full photoshoot can be found on -gees I've referenced them quite a bit! This is my favourite photo from the shoot, just beautiful (without being too in your face), feminine while the exposed boob and AMAZING hat have brought a quirky element. Trying to work out the style of the hat- is it an embellished horse riding hat? If so, I feel like going in to my shed and bedazzling that mo'fo. Could be a good idea!

Anyway Bloggsters, I better get back to Robocop. Hope you all had a fantastic 2009 and here's to a great 2010!
Love and Hugs,
Bloggamonsta xxx

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