Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SICK, Redchurch Street, London.

I really should have kept the blog updated from day to day(thats how the professionals do it) but I was having too much fun to sit down at a computer. I realise that all these posts will be on top of eachother but I'm hoping it'll be just me(and my weird head) that will find it irritating. If I irritate any of you bloggatrons I apologise.

Anyhu...Another vintage store that I got to take a few photos in is SICK- just a few doors down from speedie's. It was a regular for me in London when interning, sometimes a little pricey but you were gauranteed a fricken cool piece. I still wear my square-cut oversized mickey mouse t-shirt from two years ago- 20 snoops but still being worn! This time they've introduced a £1 bed on the bottom floor; yep, everything on the bed is £1! I wasn't so much in the mood for excavating through what looked like a clothes explosion but just being back in SICK- with their wacky displays of mannequins dressed in bondage gear and gas masks, old school toys, t-shirts with bedazzled penises and the most fabulous fur jacket I've ever seen- was enough to keep smiling for the rest of the day. It's like a hoarding ground and for someone like me who has hoarding tendencies it's heaven!

Fact; Steph Raynor who owns SICK, previously owned a shop called BOY London- something which helped kick off the Punk movement along with Westwood/McClaren's infamous shop SEX in the 1970s.

I wonder why the place is so quiet everytime I'm in there, granted it's not everyday-more like every month or two- but is it still an undiscovered gem? If so, I'm shocked. But slightly happy.

Bloggamonsta xxx

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